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Job Descriptions

To learn more about specific positions in America’s oil and gas industry, please click on one of the states below:

America’s oil and natural gas industry needs entry-level and experienced workers in many different areas. Companies have an immediate need for welders, accountants, engineers, technicians, geologists, electricians, and many other professionals. Please click on one of the job categories below to search specific positions that best match your education, experience, and skills.

  • Accounting and Finance (9 job positions): assists in entering, preparing, analyzing, and reporting financial information to internal decision-makers and external authorities.
  • Administrative Services (3 job positions): assists in office filing and recordkeeping.
  • Engineering(12 job positions): designs equipment and processes or determines optimal methods for the manufacturing machinery, equipment, and chemicals.
  • General Labor(5 job positions): services oil and gas wells or drives heavy equipment.
  • Geosciences (4 job positions): analyzes and evaluates rock layers and properties to determine the best places to drill for oil and natural gas.
  • Government and Regulatory Affairs(3 jobpositions): provides advice on legal matters and assists in obtaining government permits needed for operations.
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (2 job positions): develops and coordinates employee safety programs.
  • Human Resources(2 job positions): coordinates recruiting and career development plans and strategies.
  • Land Management(9 job positions): works with the community, government and/or other companies regarding oil and gas leases, contracts, and production operations.
  • Planning and Evaluation(7 job positions): assists in scheduling lease payments and in preparing monthly gas balancing statements and manages gas flow volumes with purchasers, pipelines and well owners.
  • Skilled Craftsman(16 job titles): maintains and troubleshoots equipment and processes used in production, processing and/or transportation operations.
  • Semi-Skilled Craftsman(7 job positions): Assembles, repairs, and operates production equipment and facilities.
  • Technician(5 job positions): assists geologists, engineers, and or business services professionals with various technical tasks.