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Energize Montana

Montana is a leading energy producer.

  • Montana produces enough oil to fuel almost 800,000 cars and heat over 300,000 homes a day and enough natural gas to heat more than one million homes a day.
  • 10th in the nation, Montana produced 24.7 million barrels of crude oil in 2004.
  • 19th in the nation, Montana produced 86,027 MMCF of natural gas in 2003.
  • Montana’s future energy resources are even greater – proved oil reserves are 364 million barrels and proved natural gas reserves are 995 billion cubic feet.  

Oil and Natural Gas are fueling Montana’s economy.

  • The oil and natural gas industry is one of Montana’s top employers, accounting for more than 3,100 jobs (direct and indirect wage earners).
  • Oil and natural gas exploration and production employees in Montana are earning an average of $43,000 (direct and indirect wage earner) – which is 66% higher than the state’s average earnings of $26,434.
  • In 2004, the oil and natural gas industry accounted for more than $92.7 million in state tax revenue.  (MT Department of Revenue, FY04)
  • In 2005, Montana received $35.6 million as part of its share of federal revenues collected by the Minerals Management Service.  (US Minerals Management Service)

Oil and Natural Gas give back to Montana’s communities.

  • In 2005, the oil and natural gas industry paid $19.1 million from bonuses, rentals and royalties - used by Montana to support public education. (MT Trust Land Management Division, FY05)
  • Oil and natural gas taxes are used to fund environmental protection and local governments.  In addition, other taxes from the industry are levied directly to fund universities, local schools, cities/towns, counties, fire service and transportation.

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