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State Departments of Labor and Employment and workforce centers are committed to providing the most effective, innovative, and comprehensive employment system to the private sector.
Services incorporated as a business solution are universal to most workforce centers in the five-state region and include:

  • Skilled Applicant Database
    A system which maintains a file of registered applicants and includes information on each applicant’s skills, work history and education.
  • Job Fairs
    Employers can partner with their workforce center and other community entities at these events in their search for qualified and skilled workers.
  • Job Orders
    Trained staff can record employer specific job requirements and review this information during a referral of registered skilled job seekers.
  • America’s Job Bank
    America’s Job Bank computerized network is the largest and most frequently visited electronic job bank on the Internet.  It is free of charge to employers and to jobseekers.  A company benefits through the rapid exposure of job openings and an accessible pool of candidates with a wide range of skills and experience. 
  • Recruitment
    Workforce center staff can fill out an employer’s application on-site or at the workforce center. Recruitment can involve: 
    • Local, state-wide and national recruitment
    • Recruitment advertising 
    • Mass application gathering
    • Open/continual application acceptance
    • Job descriptions posted state- and nation-wide
    • Public-employment computer network
    • Job line recordings providing current job listings
    • Affirmative action Job Orders
  • Screening/Referrals
    Employers can get assistance with the pre-screening and referral of qualified applicants.  Workforce center staff help employers match the experience and capabilities of applicants with the job requirements specified by the employer for full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal positions. 
  • Seminars/Workshops
    Some workforce centers offer workshops and seminars on current employment issues throughout the year.  These workshops and seminars may or may not be available to employers at no cost.
  • Workforce Information
    Workforce center staff can assist employers in obtaining reliable data on various publications such as:
    • Job Vacancy Surveys
    • Occupational Projections (list of industries that are ‘hot’)
    • Occupational Wage Survey (reflects wages paid for most jobs)
    • Quality Workforce Research Analysis
    • Labor Law Information
  • Unemployment Insurance 
    Workforce centers assist the unemployed person to comply with the Workforce Agreement Search as mandated by the local unemployment office.
  • Veterans Services
    Veterans receive priority services.  A veteran’s representative administers special programs designed to enhance the employability of veterans.  The veteran’s representative can help employers meet their Affirmative Action goals.
  • Layoff Assistance
    Lay-off assistance is available in all six states.  The Rapid Response Program and Dislocated Worker Program are national programs.  Please call 1-377-US-2JOBS to learn how to contact another state’s Rapid Response Team or learn about another state’s Dislocated Worker Program. Services available to employers through various workforce centers may include:
    • Job placement assistance
    • On-site layoff transition workshops
    • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act information                                                        
    • Information on creating an on-site career center to assist affected employees
    • Information on minimizing the emotional effects of a layoff and improve morale and production
    • Trade Adjustment Assistance/North American Free Trade Agreement (TAA/NAFTA) Programs information regarding layoffs due to foreign import competition or relocation of production offshore.
    • Unemployment Insurance information

Other services might be available upon employer request. Workshop content can be adjusted based on employer needs.

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