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Workforce centers assist employers to connect with the appropriate services needed in meeting the diverse needs of the business world.

This Energy Employer Guide serves as a practical reference for business leaders and human resource personnel to access employment services. Its primary function is to help employers quickly and effectively navigate the network of employment services. The guide provides direction and employment service information on workforce centers located throughout the six-state region of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.  The following links will connect you to one of six states:

Quality and availability of labor are critical issues affecting today’s businesses.  When initially seeking employment assistance, the following avenues are available:

  • The Internet 
    The websites listed on the first page provide employment services information on any state in the region.
  • Workforce Center
    Visiting the center will enable one to become more familiar with the services offered by the agency.  Agency contact information can be found through appropriate state’s workforce center website. 
  • Employer Specialist
    An employer can discuss needs and means of assistance by making an appointment with an employer specialist.  The specialist will provide information on various services and incentives available to employers through particular agencies. 
  • Job Fair
    Periodic job fairs are excellent ways through which employers can recruit potential employees, review current job market needs, and assess the available labor pool. 
  • Chambers of Commerce
    Chambers of commerce work closely with their local workforce center to provide employers with information pertinent to their businesses.

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A variety of programs maintain client caseloads from which employers can select potential employees.  They include:

  • Workforce Investment Act  (Adult, Youth and Dislocated Worker)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)  (Adult)  

Workforce regions and states may be able to help clients become more employable through:

  • On-the-Job Training
    On-the-job training provides prospective employees with new skills and credentials and an opportunity to learn company procedures.
  • Work Experience
    Work experience allows eligible participants to learn and reinforce good habits through part-time work.
  • Customized Training
    State and local agencies may provide additional services.  Please refer to the appropriate website for additional information.

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