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Donald F. - Operator, Suncor

Donald F., 24, is an operator at Suncor’s refinery in Commerce City, Colorado.  He says he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do right out of high school, but began working at an ethanol plant.  He found out, however, that he could earn a better living in the oil and gas industry, and he says he likes it better as well.  He attended Bismarck State College and studied technology used in power and process plants. 

He’d recommend anyone interested in the field should get involved: “Go for it.  It’s an interesting field with a lot of opportunity for advancement, going places, doing different things. Operations aren’t the only things they do there -- there are business fields you can go into. And the pay’s always nice!”

He calls troubleshooting the most rewarding part of his job “when you’re having problems and you’re actually able to go out there, know what’s wrong, and fix it.  You don’t have to ask anybody, you just go out there, you know what you’re doing, you’re doing your job and you get it done.  It’s rewarding to be able to do that kind of stuff.”