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Ginger E. - Lead Production Operator , Shell Rocky Mountain Production

Ginger E., 44, is currently a lead production operator on the North field for Shell Rocky Mountain Production in Pinedale, Wyoming.  Although her family has lived in the Wyoming area for several generations, she joined Shell in 1995 with no prior industry experience. 

 “I chose to work in the energy sector because I was unhappy with the level of financial compensation and promotion availability in my previous career choice,” she explains.  “I was in natural resources, working for a conservation district, but there was limited [upward] mobility and compensation. 

“I saw a job opening for a contract position as a relief production operator for Shell in the Pinedale area.  Having a ranching background and also living and working around the oil and gas fields most of my life, I felt this was an area where there would be room for growth, and better compensation.  My dad was a pumper, and I felt like, ‘hey I can do that,’ so I was hired as a contract pumper.  Less than a year later, I was hired by Shell.  So it’s been a real good opportunity for me and there’s a lot of growth potential and better compensation.”  In just 2 and a half years she’s advanced from relief operator to a lead operator.

Ginger calls conquering the daily challenges the most rewarding part of her job, and considers training others as the most challenging.  Her training so far has been “on the job by some of the best mentors in the business.”  As for the work environment, she describes the scenery as awesome and the teamwork attitude as motivating.

What advice would she offer workers joining her team?  “Come prepared to work hard and make positive contributions and you will be rewarded.  This area is just booming.  The opportunities are just endless in this industry.  Production [as a long-term activity] does offer more stability.  I’ll probably be able to retire in this field, which has 30 years of production left at least, so it’s a good opportunity for someone who likes to have something stable and if they like the area, there’s unlimited growth potential.”