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Jerry H. - Production and Maintenance Supervisor, Marathon Oil

Jerry H., 48, is the production and maintenance supervisor at Marathon Oil’s Indian River Basin natural gas and oil field near Artesia, New Mexico. 

He left farming to join Marathon in search of a less time-consuming job and a better income.  He became a pumper, then moved into drilling.  He also worked on compressors and flow lines before taking a full-time construction position.  That led to becoming a maintenance supervisor and he added his production supervisor duties, so now he does both.

“To me the most rewarding thing is seeing younger guys come in and develop.  And work hard to get ahead, and to understand what it takes to make improvements either in production or how we do things.  That’s been very interesting to me as a supervisor.  I serve as sort of a mentor or coach.”

“I’d tell someone [interested in a career that] this country and this world are always going to need energy, and our companies are also looking at alternatives.  So the industry is here to stay, and will be for the foreseeable future.” 

“The other thing I would tell them:  I’ve had some younger people tell me they were leery because it’s dangerous.  I worked in housing construction and farming, and I think the oil industry is much safer.  I would tell them it’s a great opportunity, there’s money to be made, there’s growth potential.  The sky’s the limit as I see it!”