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Kyle D. - Process Operator, Suncor

Kyle D., 25, is a process operator, also at Suncor’s Commerce City refinery.  He brought an auto-CAD background to the job, first at ConocoPhillips and later with Suncor.  He attended Oklahoma State University as a mechanical engineering major and later Northern Oklahoma College where he studied process technology.

Many of his relatives were mechanical engineers, but Kyle says he realized he wanted to spend more time outside of an office environment just working on a computer.  Process operations seemed to be a good fit, a belief that has proven correct:  “I love it.  I never want to do anything different.  The constant challenges.  Every time I go into work there’s gonna be something else new to learn, some new problem to figure out, it’s just a challenging job.  I think that’s an awesome thing .”

A typical day involves making rounds to check on refinery operations, doing routine maintenance, being outside and making sure everything is operating well.  “My perfect night is very uneventful, and I think that’s the way Suncor wants it, too.”   

Although Kyle says anyone interested in a career in his industry should think carefully about what they’d like to do, and do the research, “for someone that wants to be hands-on and wants to have a constant challenge I think it’s just the absolute best job anybody can have.  I think the opportunities are unlimited.  I’m going back to school to actually finish up my engineering degree in the fall, but I’ve even thought to myself even after I get that degree, I don’t think I want to do a different job.”