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Lenny A. - Safety Supervisor, Marathon Oil

Lenny A., 51, is a safety supervisor at Marathon Oil’s Power River Business Unit, a natural gas facility producing coal bed methane near Gillette, Wyoming.

“I’ve been in safety for 27 years, primarily in the mining industry.  I made the change to Marathon to do something different and for family reasons, but wanted to stay with a major company.  A key question is how seriously safety is taken company to company.  Here there’s support from the top down.”

On a typical day, Lenny will attend operational or safety meetings to help get his messages out and handle paperwork and administrative duties, then head out into the field for 4-5 hours at least 2-3 times a week. 

“The most fun [for me] is the change to a new industry -- the learning experience -- everything is new and my job allows me to be in the field and in the office.  The most rewarding part is seeing everybody go home at night safely to their family and friends.  It’s our responsibility to keep them safe and see that they follow procedures.”

He says Marathon offers good opportunities for advancement.  The philosophy is, ‘we want to be the best, so we have to be responsible in many ways,’ and hiring the best people possible across our business units goes along with that.  The rest is up to me -- I can advance further -- there are opportunities out there if I want to pursue them.”