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Robert B. - Lead Production Operator , Shell Rocky Mountain Production

Robert B., 39, also works for Shell in Pinedale, but as a field production supervisor for the Anticline natural gas field.   

Robert grew up in Big Piney, graduated from high school and worked briefly in gas fields as a roustabout.   He then left the area for a few years to work in the airline industry.  He has several family members that work in the energy industry, so he also had about 8 years experience working for gas well contractors.

Robert started his Shell career in 2002 as a relief operator, but within a few years received promotions to become senior production operator.  In 2005 he was promoted to staff as an operations specialist to supervise well flow back work. 

“The best thing I like about going to work for Shell,” he says, “is they are so conscious about the environment.  We’ve got big game all over; deer, elk.  I’m an avid outdoorsman, and Shell is one of the few companies up here that takes care of the environment and do what they say they’re gonna do.” 

“Good people to work with here, also.  We have a close tight-knit family up here at Shell -- I can go to my supervisors and bring out any issues on the table and not worry about repercussions.”

Robert says he enjoy mentoring co-workers.  “Because of the downturn years ago, there’s a gap in personnel who have any sort of natural gas or oil field experience.  So now, as busy as we are up here, it seems like everyone who’s coming to work has never experienced anything like this, so you’ve got to start from square one and get them up to speed as quick as you can.  I just like teaching people -- 20 years experience in gas fields, plus experiences I had otherwise -- flight attendant, dealing with people --- I enjoy watching somebody grow and learn from day one till a couple of years down the road and see where they’re at.”

“Every day seems to be a challenge, especially in this country…one day you’re at 20 below zero, next day you’re at 20 degrees above.  I’m continuing learning -- it’s not the routine work that a lot of people do.  It’s a continuous challenge, learning everything, learning day to day, still after 20 years, I’m still learning new things every.”

Robert didn’t attend college, but agrees he’s a good example of how someone can succeed in the business regardless. “The thing you’ve to realize about the oil and gas industry -- if you buckle down and work hard, and pay attention and learn from people who have been around, with experience, I think you’re future is unlimited.  You can go as far as you’re willing to work and go.”