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Vincent P. - Senior Operator, BP

Vincent P., a senior operator at a small BP natural gas plant in Aurora, Colorado, has petroleum in his blood.  “I’m fourth-generation oil and gas,” he explains.  “If I work till 2025 that would give us 100 years of family experience!” 

His great-grandfather started with Sun Oil in 1925 as a pumper and his grandfather began as a driller in 1943, working for Oasis as a drilling completion foreman in the Mediterranean and in Libya.  Vincent’s father worked on wells, oil plants and cryogenic plants for Amoco from 1967 to 1995.  Vince came on board in 1990 with Amoco and transitioned to BP. 

“I got an associate’s degree focusing on engines, compressors and electricity because I really wanted to be a mechanic in the business.   I started out in 1990 as a roustabout, then became a power plant operator, then had an opportunity to move over to the field side, so I got into the gathering system/compression area.  I ran a lean oil plant and then I came to the Wattenberg field, where I am now, and learned cryogenics.” 

Vincent, primarily a board operator, also helps train new employees.  “It’s rewarding to see individuals develop, take the initiative and become good operators, so they’re using their own creativity to help trouble-shoot problems.”

“What I love about this job is that it’s so challenging.  You have the opportunity to learn something different every day. The technology is always changing so it allows you to come up with new ideas.  And the amount of opportunity is based on your drive -- as much as you want to be involved in.  There’s really no limit as to what you’re allowed to go or where you end up because there’s just so much you can do and learn.” 

“Another rewarding part is doing a job with other employees and everything has gone well and you all go home safely at the end of the day.   They’re not just people you work with, but they become family.”

“I work a 12-hour shift -- four days on, four days off.   I tend to be here quite a bit on my days off but it’s something I choose to do.  The work schedule is great.”

“We have goals and performance appraisals every year.  And with those appraisals, we have company goals that we have to try to meet and we also have personal goals that supervisors try to help you achieve.   So if you like to be involved in a lot, and apply yourself, the sky’s the limit in the oil field industry.”